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  • How Does This Work
    1. Each week Chef Ricky creates a custom menu. You can signup for an email notification when the menu come out here. 2. Choose the meals you want to order 3. Put those meals in your cart and checkout by Thursday at 6pm 4. Meals are delivered to your door on Sunday, the time depends on your delivery window 5. Enjoy the meals
  • How Do I Order
    Just click on Online Ordering in the menu above or click here to go to our online ordering page
  • Paying with Venmo
    There are two ways to pay with Venmo on your phone: 1. Choose Paypal at checkout and Venmo will be an option. (see instruction below) 2. Checkout as Manual and then Open Venmo and pay @ChefRickysKitchen the total of your checkout value. (How to pay with Venmo using Paypal Option) 1. In the venmo app click on the menu (top right in app) 2. Click on Settings 3. Scroll Down and Click on Connect Browsers 4. Choose your browser and follow setup 5. Your're all done. You will now see Venmo as option when checking out using PayPal Option
  • When Are Meals Delivered
    Meal deliveries are done on Sunday of each week. On Sunday the driver will contact you via text or phone to provide you with a more precise delivery window.
  • How Big Are The Portions
    Depending on which meals you order, Paleo, Keto, or Macro Our Paleo & Keto Meals will have 5-7 oz of cooked meat, and 7-9 oz of carbs/veggies and a total weight of 14-16 oz. Calories in these meals range from 350-600 calories. Our Macro selections will contain a base of 50 grams carbs, 40 grams protein and 15 grams fat. Focusing on offering a 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat macronutrient distribution. This will include a few more starchy carbohydrates for athletes who are more concerned with tracking their daily caloric intake for performance. If you need more protein click on the á la carte menu where you can purchase cooked meats by the pound.
  • Can I Make Special Requests
    Currently at this time it is hard for our kitchen staff to make individual special request. If you are looking to have something put "on the side" check out the á la carte menu where you can purchase just the meat or side from weekly dishes
  • How much is Delivery
    All orders over $100 are delivered free to the San Diego Area. Orders under $100 and out of our normal service area are charged a $25 delivery fee. We also have a few Gyms that we offer free delivery to for orders over $20. Sealy Strength- Monrovia CrossFit DTA- Alhambra Hillcrest Athletic Club- San Diego Offshore Athletics- Carlsbad Ruination CrossFit- Laguna Hills KMF Athletics- Lemon Grove Pickup at our Kitchen- No Minimum: 1655 Broadway #12, Chula Vista CA 91911
  • Where Do You Deliver
    Currenlty we are only delivering to Southern California area. Contact Us to find out if you are in the current delivery zone This is due to the freshness of the meals.
  • Do You Make Specialty Items
    From time to time Chef Ricky pulls out his baking or old-school skills to make something special. Chef Ricky also likes to create special menus for holiday's and events. These include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Superbowl, if you have a special event let us know how we can help. Check our menu's weekly or signup for our newsletter to know when special items might be available.
  • Why does it say 7 Day Delivery
    Due to the online system we are using it only allows us to put in a set number of days. Please note that all deliveries will be made on Sunday or Monday of each week. If this is your first time ordering Chef Ricky will contact you directly to setup a window for delivery. On your delivery day and time the driver will contact you via text msg. or phone to provide you with a more precise delivery window.
  • Coupon Codes
    If you receive a coupon code you can enter it right before you choose a payment method. Please enter the code exactly as it is written. Please review your cart amount as it will be applied instantly. 1. On the Payment Screen 2. Enter in the Coupon Code in the box at the bottom 3. Click on Apply 4. Check your cart amount to make sure the code was applied. If you have any issues contact support at
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